BRULI has been in the Ticino, Switzerland, since 1961. The history of this area is filled with a large presence of shirt makers. Its tradition of craftsmanship combines the style of Italian high fashion with the renowned precision of Swiss manufacturing.
The company is 100% “Swiss-made”. Design, production, study and research are all done in their Swiss headquarters.
Customer satisfaction is their true mission and to achieve this they offer specific models in accordance with the tastes and needs of the end cus

MY Creative Bay accepted the challenge and, working side by side with BRULI, has achieved the goal by creating a excellent and sophisticated Online Boutique, based on an Multi-Country, Multi-Pricing and Multi-Lingual web architecture.
Developing a solid SEO and web marketing strategy.

Client: BRULI 

Category: Web Design, WooCommerce & Digital Marketing

Date: January 2014


Web Development

Fully-Integrated Product Catalog on the WebSite


SEO & Social Network Marketing

User Experience

Multilingual and User-Friendly Platform